Language: Chinese English

School Profile

The School of Foreign Languages offers 3 undergraduate programs, that is the English Program, the English (Education) Program, the Japanese Program, and 1 MA Program of the second-level discipline of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. The School houses 7 teaching departments: the English Department, the English Education Department, the Japanese Department, College English Teaching Department I, College English Teaching Department II, Postgraduate English Teaching Department and Minor Language Teaching and Research Section. Moreover, the School houses the Language Learning Center, the Center for International Language Courses, and the Clinic for Foreign Language Learning. Last but not least, the School houses the Sino-German Language and Culture Center of Jiangsu University.

The School boasts highly qualified and internationally renowned faculty members. Now we have 163 faculty and staff members, including 145 full-time teachers, comprising 8 professors, 48 associate professors, 24 P...